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Smile to me

It was so long time i din't update my blog.
During the time i was upgrade my blog and just changed the background and the color theme only.
Busy all the time recently and there was no free slot to do my personal stuff.
Assignment, project work, presentation... a lot of "them" still undone.
Sometimes i just need a deep breath and a well sleep but i was rush like hell.
I was think that i can get a good rest in every coming weekend but unfortunately i got activities during that time.

Just backed from the camp "Pimpin Siswa". It was a hard camp, climbing up to the tree, walk in the river, hanging in the rope, night walk into the jungle some more in the rainy night, cold and cold... then dancing, aerobic dance, playing water game , ice breaking and so on. Tired to the max!!! But i would like to say, it was memorable and i never felt regret to join this camp. First time i cooked in the jungle without any high tech stuff to cooking.I get more experience about how to take care myself and other. And i make it well.Through this camp i make more friends and i was get back a real mine. I found my confidence in this camp and my happiness those lost for a long long time. Not all but at least i get back some from the sadness site.

Since this few week, i was join into many activity and all of this make me so comfortable and satisfy. I started to know what i want and what i need. Here i found many friend they have same opinion as me. I felt like more closed with them.I like them so much....=)

At the same time, i never forgot all my old and best friend. I hope they won't forget me as well but since i felt that they were more far from me and we lost connect gradually. All of this in silent anyway. I don't want to lose them, i hope to back faster to their site and get back the friendship with them.I hope i am still welcomed to them. I wonder why Friendship is so weak and can't stand for long. Due to the time passed , friendship become weak and weakness if we don't meet each other. No matter what, i won't be forget everyone of you. You are in my heart and it will stand forever.  I  hope  i was just think too much and all of this actually is fine.

Smile...if i ever make you smile...please make me smile too...because sometimes i stand in front the mirror and i don't know how to smile to myself. Fake smile is no sense!  Please get away from me.

Sorry , suddenly come to EMO. I'm expected to a better time. Wish to out of the haze and come to me my summer day. =)
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